Answering common arguments

EUPHEMISMS: Dignity SA argue that if the patient has less than 6 months to live, this is not ‘assisted suicide’, but only ‘assisted dying’ and this will have strict controls limited only to medical practitioners. We argue, there is no magical difference between ‘suicide’ before or after a person has 6 months to live and that doctors are often wrong in their predictions of life expectancy – there is always in any case a statistical bell curve on such predictions, with 5 or 10 percent falling outside the normal prediction. This renaming tactic is similar to the abortionists renaming their practice first from ‘killing babies’ to ‘abortion’ and then to ‘Termination of Pregnancy’ and then to just ‘ToP’ – all to hide what they are doing.

Dignity SA promise there will be strict controls.
– Nevertheless, even if one bought this argument, their leader Shaun Davidson has already admitted to assisting the suicide of two people – flagrantly breaking the law. What is going to stop them continuing to break the law in order to push boundaries further?
– They have also admitted that one of their legal applicants to die, got a negative psychologist report, who said that in fact had dementia and did not actually want to die. This highlights the desire to commit suicide is one that fluctuates, is easily influenced by others and by a person’s short term emotional state. Suicide is however, irreversible.
– In other countries such as Holland, strict controls have been relaxed as with abortion and there are continual calls to push the legal boundaries.

Dignity SA, from its name and its court arguments claims to be defending the right to ‘dignity’. Nevertheless, is a shameful death and not a dignified death.

They claim pro-lifers are uncaring. The reality is that when assisted suicide legalised, terminally ill and elderly people start to be put under pressure by uncaring family and medical workers to commit suicide – to ease the financial and care burden. Pro-life people have always been at the forefront of hospice and other work to care for the dying.


Propaganda cartoon confusing euthanasia with withdrawing life support

Propaganda cartoon confusing euthanasia with withdrawing life support

Dignity SA claim to be saving people from extra-ordinary medical intervention to keep them alive. Nevertheless, Pro-lifers have never argued the need to prolong the life of terminally ill people by extra-ordinary medical intervention. They have just argued for ‘ordinary care’ for the dying (i.e. food, clothing, warmth, basic medicine and nursing care).