Help us


Please pray, volunteer, speak up in public debate and donate to us.

* PRAY for those of us taking a stand in the public media and in court. Pray for the deceptions of the opposition to be exposed. Pray for God to have mercy on South Africa. Pray for the judges who will be hearing the case.

* Encourage your organisation and/or your church can join the ‘Prevent Euthanasia Network South Africa’. Contact us for details.

* VOLUNTEER: your professional skills to assist the campaign: We have a research team of experts in subjects like law, medicine, statistics who are assisting the legal team. If you are willing to give time to do other work such as administration, phone calls, financial admin, literature distribution, media, graphic design, cartooning, banner & placard making etc, protest organising (particularly in Gauteng) please let us know as well.

– Forward emails, share articles on social media – like this one to you friends and organisational lists.
– Educate yourself by reading relevant articles at: Read international blogs such as: and subscribe to Facebook page
– Post comments on euthanasia related articles on news web sites such as News24 or IOL
– Subscribe to the feeds of the opposition or . Debate with them on their comments feeds and via twitter hashtags. Follow their news report posts and also debate with them online there.
– Write letters to the editor of Newspapers: Include your full name and street address and keep under 200 words:; ; ;; ;
– Phone in to talk radio debates.
– If you are a pastor, please shedule a sermon on euthanasia and the Sanctity of Life and if you are an organisation leader, please forward articles to your mailing list and encourage them to speak up too.

We need money to keep the campaign going. Please contact us 082 6768966 for more information or email us at mail(at) (replace ‘(at)’ with ‘@’ sign)

* Please print this out. Try to do one thing each week to help stop euthanasia in South Africa.

Philip Rosenthal