Factually inaccurate reporting

FACTUALLY INACCURATE REPORTING: Such reporting is also relaying numerous factual medical and political inaccuracies, such as the alleged difficulty of managing cancer pain, which is denied by all relevant medical associations. The recent Stransham-Ford court case recklessly took place over the course of one day with only three working days for the opponents to prepare, allowing no time for verification of facts and thus the statements made in court and recklessly accepted as fact by the Judge cannot be reported at face value. They will hopefully be corrected on appeal.

There is so much unethical and factually inaccurate information being disseminated at the instigation of the lobby group, so-called “Dignity SA”, that it is impossible to deal with it all in one letter. It will be rebutted in due course on the internet and in court. Please be cautious and check your facts and media ethics with anything sourced from them. Before reporting the statements of these people, please consider that their leader Sean Davidson has publicly admitted to violating his own ethical criteria for assisted suicide, in assisting the second suicide of News24 doctor who was not terminally ill. Now he says they are revising their criteria. http://goo.gl/RBQ0Dd Why should this man be given any media credibilty? Please draw this to the attention of your readership and viewers when reporting them. Please consider that certain people are so passionate about their cause, they may say things they wish were true, but are not, and these get progressively embellished by various others in the same campaign with the end result being compounding mountain of lies.


An extreme example of false reporting is the following TV news report portraying Mandela allegedly supporting the euthanasia bill https://youtu.be/13vaEuS8BXA. If you listen carefully to the audio, Mandela is talking about something else. No evidence has been produced that never supported this bill or asked the SALRC to research it, or spoke about it in parliament. If he had, it would have made news or be on record in the Hansard Parliamentary records or relevant politicians or activists would remember it. It is not true. The journalist who compiled this TV report needs disciplinary action. See more on this misinformation at https://goo.gl/LcMk4H