Certain media outlets have claimed a majority supporting the legalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide, based on phone-in and internet click polls. These polls are unscientific and plainly manipulated by the euthanasia lobby mobilising their supporters each time to phone in and click, which can be proved from their web posts. Any such polls are bluntly unscientific nonsense and biased towards those who want to change the law and those who have internet access and read those news publications (the upper middle class). They are also manipulated by the editors of those publications which are generally motivating for euthanasia.

The only scientific polls on euthanasia in South Africa were conducted by the World Values Survey. These show the overwhelming majority of South Africans reject euthanasia and assisted suicide and some don’t care. If it went to referendum, likely euthanasia would be rejected by a two thirds majority (assuming those who don’t have strong views wouldn’t vote) – and actually enough for a constitutional amendment to ban it.

The World Values Survey also indicates that South Africans have radically different opinions on a range of related issues to those in jurisdictions that have legalised euthanasia and assisted suicide. This is a case of a single judge with an opinion attempting to impose his personal opinion undemocratically on South Africa.

1996 Poll result on euthanasia

2013 Poll result on euthanasia

Source: World Values Survey