Mandela myth around SALRC bill

The euthanasia lobby has repeatedly tried to connect the SALRC euthanasia bill with President Nelson Mandela – calling it ‘Mandela’s bill’ and ‘completing Mandela’s legacy’ and even fundraising for support in the name of Nelson Mandela. In fact he had no connection with the bill except for the fact that the work was done during his presidency – and never expressed any hint of support for euthanasia. He did not ask the SALRC to research the issue, but rather the euthanasia lobby asked the SALRC to research it as is stated in the SALRC report itself.

‘Dignity SA’ donors who donated on this basis should ask for their money back.

In an astounding work of journalistic fraud or incompetence, the SABC produced a video purporting to show Nelson Mandela introducing the issue to parliament. In fact the video shows Nelson Mandela talking about rural development and they have dubbed over his voice a story about euthanasia.