Get help

If you are considering assisted suicide or euthanasia, please don’t. You are valuable.
* There are many medical doctors and organisations who can help you. If you believe you need help, start by asking your regular healthcare provider.
* Don’t believe the propaganda of the euthanasia lobby to spread fear about the dying process.
* The good news is that modern medicine can relieve extreme pain, although not all discomfort. Morphine, the most commonly used medicine for extreme pain is cheap, and available to patients who need it from all public South African hospitals.

Organisations helping the dying who oppose euthanasia
* The Hospice and Palliative Care Association can direct you to a hospice near you. They have also participated in public debate and advocacy against euthanasia and assisted suicide.
* Living Hope is the largest Non-Profit in the Western Cape helping the terminally ill and dying. It helps tens of thousands of people at no cost.