* Contacts to interview All of the people listed on the ‘Contacts‘ page are available for media interviews and debate.

* Check your facts: Be warned that 9/10 South African news articles on euthanasia & assisted suicide contain serious factual inaccuracies and misleading statements. Those wanting to legalise euthanasia have created a mountain of misinformation. Many of these myths are corrected on this web site. Just because a previous news article, a euthanasia lobbyist, a politician or a judge said something doesn’t mean it is true. You are welcome to phone us to check. Please do not add to the tabloid level reporting on this serious subject.

* Don’t spread suicide & hopelessness Suicide, depression, hopelessness, low self-worth, fear and despair is contagious and often is based on false perceptions. It also varies. People have up and down days. Gratuitous publication of the feelings of despairing people causes more people to commit suicide. You don’t want to give your readers ideas kill themselves. Report factually. Direct such people to our ‘Get help‘ page.

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