1 Why Judge Fabricius was wrong

The decision by Judge Fabricius to authorise a euthanasia was wrong for a long list of reasons summarised in the downloadable document ‘why-judge-fabricius-was-wrong-on-the-stransham-ford-euthanasia‘ and broken into sections for ease of reading online.

1 Errors in the Fabricius judgement
2 Constitutional irregularities
3 Errors in the applicants founding affidavit
4 The applicants history of abusing the law and ethics
5 Procedural decisions favour the euthanasia lobby
6 Manufactured & reckless urgency

4th November 2016 is the Supreme Court of Appeal hearing on the Stransham-Ford euthanasia case authorised in 2015 year by Judge Fabricius. In the detailed document downloadable above, we explain a long list of reasons why Judge Fabricius was wrong not only in ethics, but also in both substantive and procedural law and made a hasty decision based on legal affidavit full of medical and factual errors. Apart from its damage to respect for human life, Fabricius reckless decision in usurping the role of parliament in attempting to make major legal changes by judicial fiat threatens the stability of the constitutional order. In 2015, the New Zealand High Court rejected an almost identical case saying parliament must decide. The attached document on ‘Why Fabricius was wrong’ was originally prepared to assist the lawyers in the New Zealand Seales case – which has now been won. The Supreme Court of Appeal must overturn Fabricius wrong decision.